Coursaver Gives Back

In support of continuous learning and teaching amidst the pandemic, Tueetor has teamed up, via its Coursaver division, with leaders of various e-learning platforms, to provide their prized, award-winning products to our local communities, for free.

Offer is valid while stocks last. Check back from time to time as we add more to the list!

This program is made possible by iGroup Asia Pacific.



World Library consists of 1.6 million ebooks across wide subject areas in History, Classics, Literature, Sciences, Self-Improvement, Technology, Geography, Social Politics, amongst others.

Readers can view large numbers of ebooks, and there are translation features on the platform into multiple languages. This makes a good choice for readers who just like to read in solidarity and do some reflections.

Provided by World Library Foundation based in Hawaii

To redeem:

Enter "projectdorm" for user ID & password



This is an English Language Teaching (ELT) tool that teaches both written and spoken English language via online system. It is created by a senior professional who was formerly with Cambridge University Press. Cloudberry is used by college and university learners across Asia.


Provided by Cloudberry Learning based in the United Kingdom

To redeem:

Enter code: "iGroup"



CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language, no previous experience needed. It is adopted into the national programming curriculum in countries like Israel. Learners start with most basic level of writing simple instructions to instruct the monkey to undertake simple tasks, and progressively involve more complex tasks. It can be self-learnt with minimal supervision, and supported by video guides.

Provided by CodeMonkey based in Israel.

To redeem:

Register as a  Student, enter Classroom Code: "auu6u"



Tueetor is a self-serve, automated, location-based edtech platform where learners, trainers, institutions, and merchants may discover, interact and transact with each other, 24x7. In addition to making education more affordable and accessible, we also hope it could create job opportunities. 

Provided by Tueetor in Singapore

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Click to register



BSD helps learners develop the right mindset to use technology to solve real-life problems. Learners will have the self-esteem, empathy and skills they need to shape their futures. Learners that complete BSD projects will learn to CARE about the future. 

CodePacks 101 - CodePacks are short pilot tech courses that introduce digital skills with minimal teaching through guided projects that learners can self-learn.

Supported by BSD in based in Hong Kong

To redeem:

Click on link